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Posted on 26 June, 2017 in Darwin , Rentals

Life in Darwin: Moving to the Multicultural Capital of Tropical Sunsets

Life in Darwin: Moving to the Multicultural Capital of Tropical Sunsets

With winter taking a firm hold in the Southern parts of Australia, and property prices in Melbourne and Sydney continuing to skyrocket, a move to tropical-weathered Darwin is an attractive option. Imagine a place where the temperature never drops below 20°C, and shorts and t-shirts are year-round wear. Darwin has the beauty and temperament of a tropical paradise, with the convenience and culture of a capital city. If you've ever wondered, here’s what it’s like to live in Darwin.

Career and Work Opportunities

Darwin has a relatively young population, all attracted there by the tropical lifestyle and booming economy. Moving to Darwin could be a smart career move, as an aspiring big fish can make a sizeable splash in this small pond. The small size of the city also means short commutes. You’re rarely more than a 20-minute drive from anywhere, allowing you more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love.

An Array of Activities

There is no shortage of activities in Darwin. It’s the perfect home for lovers of adventure. It also provides a great base for exploring the Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, as well as majestic Katherine Gorge. Fishing along picturesque rivers and stunning beaches, particularly for Barramundi in the Top End, is a popular territory pastime. We guarantee you’ll never get tired of watching the view across the water.

Getting Around is Easy

Growth in budget airlines means you’re never far away from the other capitals in Australia, not to mention, only a hop and a skip from Bali, Thailand and Vietnam. Flying to these destinations can sometimes be cheaper than domestic flights. Imagine being able to pop overseas for a weekend trip any time you like.

The Tropical Climate

We’ve already mentioned the beautiful tropical climate, but did you know there are only two seasons in Darwin? As it’s so close to the equator Darwin has a wet season, which generally lasts from November to April, and a dry season from May to October. This rainfall keeps the environment looking lush and beautiful and is great for your garden.

A More Relaxed Lifestyle

The weather is great, the career opportunities are there and exotic holidays are right next door, but the real draw for Darwin is the lifestyle. People in Darwin are more relaxed than those living in big cities like Melbourne. Neighbours help each other out and there’s an authentic sense of community to the whole area.

The city is also surprisingly multi-cultural with indigenous accents mingling with Aussie "g’days," southeast Asians and Europeans, not to mention the plethora of backpackers running around the city. The cultural diversity in Darwin makes the city exciting.

A Plethora of Wildlife

The climate and lifestyle are great, but what about all the crocodiles? Rest assured, you are in no danger from any crocodiles. They generally like to keep to themselves. As long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. Although you should definitely avoid smiling at them. The Darwin area has a diverse range of wildlife, including creatures of the sea, like turtles.

Find Your New Home in Darwin

So, you've made the decision and you’re moving to Darwin. Fortunately, housing prices are nowhere near as ridiculous as they are in capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Your buying power is greatly increased, giving you more for what you spend. If you’re not at that stage in your life yet though, there are plenty of appealing rentals available in great areas.

Darwin is an exciting multicultural city with burgeoning cuisine, vibrant markets, a young booming economy and a laid back tropical atmosphere. If you’re tired of the rat race in Australia’s big capital cities, then life in Darwin could be an attractive alternative. Enjoy the tropical lifestyle and try something new.

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