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Posted on 31 March, 2018 in Property Investors , Darwin , Lifestyle

Drawn to Darwin: A Mecca for Career Growth and Good Times

Drawn to Darwin: A Mecca for Career Growth and Good Times

Many Australians see Darwin as a tropical paradise, a place on their bucket list for a holiday someday. However, the Northern Territory's capital offers a great deal beyond touristy things to see and do. It is becoming an increasingly popular living destination for young professionals from around the country and across the globe. Here are four reasons to set your sights on Darwin as a place to live and work.

New Employment Opportunities

Darwin is undergoing a great deal of growth, creating a variety of new jobs for residents in many popular industries, including:

  • Shipping ports
  • Railyards
  • Airports
  • Government facilities
  • Luxury hotels
  • Tours and attractions

As skilled workers migrate to the Top End to take up trade or engineering in these projects, their presence creates even more jobs around the city, as the new residents patronise local businesses. Current job listings run the gamut of job opportunities, with posts seeking workers to fill a variety of positions, including:

  • Sales representatives
  • Store managers
  • Medical professionals
  • Administrative staff
  • Community service workers
  • Teachers
  • Child care workers

At the high end of the scale, some companies are offering technical analysts, quality assurance inspectors, surveyors and systems analysts positions that pay more than $150,000 per year. For young professionals and their families, this is the perfect chance to earn some cash and get ahead in life.

A Fresh Start

As reported in Domain, young Australians who are looking to escape the stress of big city life, but who still wish to be part of an urban hub are packing their bags for Darwin. What attracts them is the laid-back lifestyle, open park spaces and multicultural community atmosphere.

For many new graduates, Darwin offers the chance to cut their teeth on their first professional roles in an exciting new location. As the young population tends to be relatively transient, new opportunities are constantly on offer, giving ambitious workers the chance to fast-track their careers and gain hands-on experience across different roles and industries.

Affordable Housing

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are putting the squeeze on young renters looking to save up to buy their first homes. With so much of their income going to putting a roof over their heads, it is almost impossible to put money aside for the future. The only choices left are staying at home, squeezing into cramped living quarters with multiple roommates or living an hour away from work or more.

Darwinites are a lot less likely to experience these problems. Anyone looking to move to the city can find a four-bedroom home just 20 minutes from the CBD. Two-bedroom units are even more affordable, costing approximately $300 to $400 per week. In comparison, Sydney renters who wish to be a similar distance from urban amenities are looking at paying in excess of around $1,400 per week.

It’s no wonder so many people are responding to the call of the Northern Territory. For those looking to buy, there are ample investment opportunities that don’t involve taking out a million-dollar loan.

Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle

Darwin is the gateway to Southeast Asia, providing exciting holidays for those looking to stretch their wings. Back home, there is adventure to be had at every turn, with a wide range of activities, trips and tours on offer.

Darwin has also been undergoing a cosmopolitan revolution in recent years, with an influx of trendy cafes, bars and eateries. For young dwellers, there is no shortage of options for a night out, including partying at the local clubs, experiencing live music and checking out a film at the outdoor cinema. The multicultural profile of Darwin makes for vibrant markets and tasty local cuisine, plus there is a thriving festival and art scene.

If you have ever wondered if the change to a "Bush City" is right for you, now is the time. With a backyard of amazing National Parks and a buzzing urban scene, Darwin offers people looking for somewhere to enjoy life in the best of both worlds.

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